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Barracuda,Baseball and Bambi

While going through some photos on my computer which I took last year, I found one I wanted to post on Instagram. It was a photo of a Plymouth automobile which was on display in front of an Atlanta hotel. With my brain failing to remember the name of the hotel I checked that repository of knowledge called Google. The results of that search are what sparked the title of this post. DSC01566Before we get to that here is the picture that started all this.

In my search, I came across an article entitled “Revamp of Atlanta’s first integrated hotel pays homage to its history” from the Atlant Journal-Constitution. https://www.myajc.com/travel/revamp-atlanta-first-integrated-hotel-pays-homage-its-history/3wr2ccJv03Lkdc70ZzgAcP/ The Google description mentions the car is a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda but I had to open the article to find the hotel name.

The hotel name as I found out is The American which was formerly The Americana, Atlanta’s first integrated hotel. This is where baseball comes in. A group led by Bill Bartholomay was trying to move the Milwaukee Braves to Atlanta. The committee of other owners was concerned with segregation in the south and the lack of an integrated hotel. Mr. Bartholomay pointed out that Atlanta did indeed have an integrated hotel, The Americana. This fact was very helpful in persuading the committee and they were approved in October 1964.

Now you might be wondering where Bambi fits into all of this. Bambi is part of the recent renovation. No not the deer, but a 1963 Bambi Airstream located on the pool deck which serves as a bar.

There are a few more interesting facts about the hotel’s history in the article. It’s a quick read and gives a bit of insight into the south in the early sixties. You can check it out at the link above.


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