Cape Cod Tunnel?

If you have ever tried to travel to Cape Cod on the weekend you know how frustrating the traffic on the bridges can be. In the summertime, according to the USGS, the population increases from 200,000 to 500,000. Thirty-seven percent of the homes on Cape Cod are vacation homes. With only two bridges to get on or off the cape its no wonder the traffic is horrible.

Now there may be a solution. You can buy a permit for The Cape Cod Tunnel.

Copy of B5150

There is one catch, however, the tunnel doesn’t exist. The tunnel allegedly was built in the 1960s but in reality, was made up by locals as a response to the traffic jams seen during summer weekends at the bridges. The selling of permits for the fictional tunnel has perpetuated the urban legend. So if you’re on Cape Cod and a local gives you directions to get to the tunnel, smile and thank them, then head to one of the bridges. If you want your own permit they are available online at Cape Cod Tunnel Permit

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